Conceived, shot and edited in just 48 hours - this is our short film created for the 2012 Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Competition.

Team: RU:ON TV

Title: This Dead Planet

Dialogue: Speculate all you like, we need hard facts... now get me online.

Prop: Jigsaw Pieces: We see a character put two pieces from the same jigsaw into two different envelopes, seal them and write a symbol on each.

Theme (Optional): What if people could reproduce asexually?

Cast and Crew

Directed by Robbie McKane and Toby Rinkoff
Written by Thomas Meehan and Toby Rinkoff
Storyboard by Sam Mardon

Sound Design and Composition - Robbie McKane and Graham Bates
Art Direction - Sam Mardon (
Production Manager - Lianna Pim
Production Coordinator - Emily Herd
Location Manager - Emily Wilson
Costume Design - Evie Trim
Gaffer - James Coveney

Roger - Ross Williams (
F2100591 - Evie Trim
M191290 - David Thai

Edited by Robbie McKane, Toby Rinkoff and Oscar Featherstone
Colourist - Oscar Featherstone
Compositors - Toby Rinkoff, Sam Mardon

The Jigsaw interface was designed and animated by Oscar Featherstone

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