Every year on the Ides of March - the 15th - people from different countries visit Rome to pay their respects at three sites intimately connected with Julius Caesar:
his statue at the Via dei Fori Imperiali,
the site of his cremation on the Forum Romanum
and the place where he was treacherously assassinated, the Curia Pompei, now near the Largo Argentina.

The Latin text "Men servasse ut essent qui me perderent" at the end of this film, meaning
"Saved I these men that they might murder me?",
comes from Suetonius's biography 'The Life of Julius Caesar', caput 84, verse 2, where Suetonius is quoting from Pacuvius's play 'Armorum iudicium' (The Judgement on the Arms (of Achilles)).

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