Sonny Di Luzzia may not have the control over his life that he thought he did...

V.O. was shot in 2004 and premiered at the Backseat Film Festival in Baltimore in 2005.

Anthology Film Archives - New York, NY
Berkeley Video and Film Festival - Berkeley, CA
St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase - St. Louis, MO
Backseat Film Festival - Creative Alliance - Baltimore, MD

Sonny Di Luzzia - Sean Gullette
Matthew - Jake Robards
Eve - Stacy Woodruff
Man in Bar - Ken MacGregor
Bartender - Gary Passanise

Written and Directed by Peter Bolte
Produced by Peter Bolte, Stacy Woodruff, Bill Pencak, Dane Lawing
Associate Producers: Mike Schlansker, Denny Walters
Director of Photography: Jason Cleaveland
Additional Photography NYC: Dane Lawing
Edited by Zelig Barth
Production Design by Stacy Woodruff
Original Score by Trevor Dunn


©2005, To Go Numb Films, LLC, all rights reserved.

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