A selection of music videos, short films and other projects I've worked on as director. Thanks to all the technical teams, bands, actors and clients who helped bring these images to life.

Music: The Yardbirds

Contact: greghenkel@gmail.com
Portfolio: rectangl.es

Videos (In order of appearace):
REACT Headlines: vimeo.com/26793637
Trip To Africa: vimeo.com/23584227
The Alvears Live At The Roxy: vimeo.com/34904299
The Alvears - Don't Even Try: vimeo.com/27363313
Elle Niño - Your Everything: vimeo.com/34342005
The Alvears - La Guerra de las Almohadas: vimeo.com/31462836
A Concrete Proof That Jorge Is Not God (In Post Production)
Hey You! What Song Are You Listening To? BUENOS AIRES: vimeo.com/25490983
Vimeo Offline Buenos Aires - Hello Argentina: vimeo.com/25801554
The Alvears - Something In The Way She Moves (Romantic Remix): vimeo.com/23757109
La Lubitsch - The Lubitsch Touch: vimeo.com/32738603
REACT - How To Do A Fashion Shoot: vimeo.com/32679542
Salaryman: vimeo.com/13845383
La Lubitsch - Devil's Harvest: vimeo.com/28654888

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