This rather quirky video was filmed as I explored the underground city of Yeralti Sehri - the largest of Cappadocia's 17 underground cities. With more than 8 levels (only 4 remain open) and a depth of 40+ meters it rests beneath a small Turkish city and is located in the heart of the Cappadocia region in central Turkey.

As we wound our way through the underground city the acoustics were pretty entertaining. Enjoying the near-emptiness of the city my good friend and travel companion (Galen) periodically burst into song. I've captured a few of the songs and included them in the video. Nothing profession, planned or honed, just good old fashioned fun.

You'll note the presence of snow and steam from our breath at various points in the video. Footage was shot in early February, 2012 during a massive cold front that swept the area. Hopefully you'll be kind enough to forgive my occasional sniffle as well. The night before it had been -21 degrees Celsius.

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