"Uaká/Sky ,leaves us with a sense of textures, colours, and rhythms, actions, gestures, and rituals that elude any one strategy for comprehension without ever suggesting that the events are incomprehensible or merely raw material for poetic expression".
Bill Nichols, Representing Reality: Issues and Concepts in Documentary
(Indiana University Press, 1991)
(Uaká/Sky) "Gaitán's images are aestheticized to produce a poetics of the other culture, suggesting the depth of all that remains unseen and unknown. The fragmentary style and refusal to explain or understand this culture banishes the scientism of ethnology. (…) Instead of theory talk, Gaitán has used a number of different filmmaking styles to suggest ways in which the Kamauirás can be imagined as part of modern culture".
Catherine Russell, Experimental Ethnography: the Work of Film in the Age of Video
(Duke University Press, 1999)

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