I had a bit of a dilemma when it came to getting down to the comp on time for set up. I had to be there at eight and already it was ten minutes to. Tram? Bike? Cab? No: skateboard it was, despite the fun factor it would be the fastest. I broke out and bombed through the city. Normally I’d take Lil' Burke but today it had to be Collins. Bombed it, copped a green across Swanston, skipped across the tracks, left down Lizzy, under Flinders Station, across the Yarra and I seemed to be there. It was one and half songs on the pod, so I reckon I might have even gotten there a minute or two early.

After I’d initially surveyed the area for some familiar SbA Wolf Pack faces it occurred to me that someone was already skating. It was a rather bedraggled, yet chipper Dix. There were a few surfers who also looked like they had pulled an all-nighter behind the fences too. They were seemingly ‘checking the swell’ (as Dix put it) at the top of the gap. Dix was obsessed by nosesliding down the hubba into the bank and after a solid splat and a couple of spit outs he was victoriously on his way… on his way back up to check how the swell would suit a 50/50 I guess. While Dix kept the security guard busy I set up the judging desk and snuck off a coffee. It was there that I realized Melbourne’s South Bank was indeed a different world to the Melbourne I knew. There was an abundance of silicon, make up and girls running around in penguin covered flannel jumpsuits.

Given the stage of one of the most premium boardwalks in the country, only a slither of land was available for this set up. This leads to a uni-directional course, which was dead gnarly but definitely different. The gap was of the same proportions as the Docklands pebble gap, a measurement was made and a foot got added to both the height and length. There was a tight bank added that you could catch a bit of if you preferred (due to the whippiness this was a gnarlier alternative to going the full length). A couple of hubbas were added to the sides and there was a gap to giant electrical box kind of contraption in the middle that had a lil gap to it and an eyeball height drop off the end. There was a quarter pipe for added for extra run up when needed and a couple of small wallie-ish banks on the back of each hubba.

(continued here...skateboardingaustralia.org.au/Blog/2012-billabong-city-squared-wrap-up)

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