Shot with several iPhones* using iMotion HD from 2011 to 2012.

Thanks to all the contributors who have shared awesome video on iMotionHD gallery.

In order of appearance:
Sunrize by Franz, Auvergne by Pavat69, Clovers by Ajax, Ciel de WISSOUS by Vincent, Here come the son by Chris, Coud ballet by Fabrizio, MCBH Hawaii by Andy, Sky1 by Andre, Lac Leman by Ajax, Ventana by Pablo, Cerro azul panama by Juan Carlos gar, Baseball game by Brian, Hunayums tomb bt KB, Grand central by Tuna, Gare de Lyon by Ajax, Istanbul by Selim, Central park south by Michael, Mit dem Wagen durch by Peter Brandt, From the eye by John, Tel-aviv by Mikem, My window by Superkam, The 10 tonight by Jon, Seattles, time lapse by Jason, Untilted by Andy, Sky by Fukuoka by latecomer, Sunset on west by Samson, 20110621 by Samson, Piraeuse port by Andreas, Chicago Midway by Peter, Monastir by Brice, Off to Work by CJI, A drive an Sedona by Slow Playa, 38 second road trip by Adam, From paris to Nantes by Wiilizam, Périferique 360 by Ajax, Untilted by Samantha, Cornish Sunset by Alex, Sekinchan shipwreck by Malee, Coucher de soleil by Pierrot31, Untilted by Javila112, Santorini by Ajax, Warsawby Stawek, Sunset aegina island by rotaprota, Sunset in Mexico by Jared C, Mazury by Michael, Paris evening by Dina, Bangkok City Sunset by Mick, Sunset on west by Samson, I feel Eiffel by Tintamar, Traffic by Phil, Singapore wheel by Mr M2M

Directed by T1

Music:"Seroplex" by J&Y (King Q4/ Laurencina Lam)

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*iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s, iPad2.
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iMotion Seroplex
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Licence YouTube standard

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