Bartlett School of Graduate Studies UCL
MSc Adaptive Architecture and Computation 2011-2012
Tutor: Ruairi Glynn

‘Light Cycles’ started with an interest in combining the basic formula of light, surface and projection, but taking this investigation to a different level with the use of contemporary technology and digital tools. Our exploration with optical illusion involves reflections, but the user is no longer a spectator focusing solely on the visual output of the projected reflections. Our installation questions and investigates how the user can take on an active role that will influence the visual output. At the same time, can this experience extend beyond the visual effects to that of a potential spatial impact? Can we establish a reciprocal relationship- the individual influencing the outcome and vice versa? This then generates a relation between the individual (as input) and the outcome (reflection/projected imagery) where the feedback is constantly shifting and the input and output start to create a ‘dialogue’ with each other.

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