an animation done for campus movie fest. everything was done completely in a week. i dont do things like this often so it was fun for me. not completely happy with results. but im too tired to care :)

basically its a star falling while two people debate whether or not everything is just coincidence.


just got back from the northern regional grand finale in nyc. this film was screened as one of the top 14 out of the 60 films that were able to make it into the regionals and was also one of four to be chosen to be screened during certain virgin airlines flights (random but cool). its going to LA for the international regional grand finales, but i think this is as far as its going to go. i had a fun time, now lets move on :)

6/18/09- screened at the international grand finale, which means i made it to the top 14 in the country. pretty sweet.

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