Move is a technology garment designed by Electricfoxy that guides you toward optimal performance and precision in movement in an ambient, precise, and beautiful way. From daily activities to sports activities to expressive movement, it provides a softer, poetic, and more personal approach to physical performance that helps you eleviate incorrect physical movements, which can lead to chronic pain or even long-term damage. The more precise you can move, the faster you improve your fitness and overall health.

The Move experience consists of a wearable technology garment and mobile app. The garment includes 4 stretch and bend sensors located in the front, back and sides. Together, they read your body’s position and muscle movement, assess whether it is correct, and provide real-time feedback to correct it through haptic feedback components located in the hips and shoulders. A mobile app allows you to assess, manage and customize your experience.

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Director, Producer, Editor: Jennifer Darmour
Cinematography, Director, Producer, Art Direction, Design, Color: Issara Willenskomer
Cinematography: Yaque Silva-Doyle
Producer: Paul Breslin
Slow moving female: Cathy Vu
Animation, Compositing: Sam Rohr
Animation, Compositing: Scott Douwes
Lighting: Leo Lam
Music: James Key
Hair & Makeup: Lindsey Watkins

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