- A leader inspires others to dream.
- A leader has charisma - a certain magnetism that draws people in -someone who energizes others.
- A leader does not put greatness into people but instead brings out what is already there!
- A leader is a person with the audacity to do what others claim is impossible.
- Joseph Mbeh

Innovative, trailblazer, groundbreaker, forerunner, influential, and individuality all describe LEADERSHIP - a quality that fueled the core value and concept that became FOURFRONT1602. As with many success stories, our tale begins with two individuals and one unique idea . . .
FOURFRONT1602 stands out from other designs. "YIAEKO" features high-end fabrics, a stylish and sleek look, along with smart patterns and colors that enhance the appearance of today's leader.
SOPHISTICATION: "YIAEKO" instills self-assurance and reflects the inner you—you know who you are, and you know where you are going. Right? After all, it really is all about you isn't it? The style and flair of "YIAEKO" allows you to "dress up" or "dress down," which makes it a timeless design in the always-changing world of fashion.

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