This video is one in a series – part of the second Healing Edition of the Traveling Stanzas project which is a collaborative effort between the Wick Poetry Center's outreach program and the Glyphix design studio at Kent State University.

Much appreciation to Mr. W. S. Merwin who graciously allowed us to us his poem "Grace Note" as inspiration for a poster design and poetry animation.

Grace Note

It is at last any morning
not answering to a name
I wake before there is light
hearing once more that same
music without repetition
or beginning playing
away into itself
in silence like a wave
a unison in its own
key that I seem
to have heard before I
was listening but by the time
I hear it now it is gone
as when on a morning
alive with sunlight
almost at the year’s end
a feathered breath a bird
flies in at the open window
then vanishes leaving me
believing what I do not see

W.S. Merwin
U.S. Poet Laureate 2010

From Shadow of Sirius, Copper Canyon Press 2009

Artwork and calligraphy by Valora Renicker
Animation by Casey Sandala

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