A love letter to Brooklyn's beautiful and magical Coney Island, sent from Robert Kolodny of House of Nod.

Please visit and support Coney Island, it is a true NYC treasure and needs help being preserved so future generations can enjoy its wonder.

House of Nod is a Brooklyn based cinema production house. We hand craft and fine tailor all of our video's to our clients wildest dreams. If you're in need of some filmmaking in your life, please visit houseofnod.com and follow @housofnodfilms on twitter.

The music is Claire de Lune by the wonderful Claude Debussy.

Visit coneyisland.com to find out what is happening on the boardwalk this summer!

If you wish to contact us about the film please email us at info@houseofnod.com or rob@houseofnod.com

Please visit houseofnod.com
Follow us twitter.com/houseofnodfilms
Like us facebook.com/houseofnod
Contact: info@houseofnod.com


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