This mother’s day, you can honor your mother, a special mother you admire, or that special mother cat in a way that gives back by sponsoring a special Tree House mother cat.

Dulcinea was a stray cat who appeared one day this March under the porch of a caring woman on Chicago’s West side. This woman felt a great deal of compassion for this small cat, explaining how pitiful Dulcinea looked. It was evident that she was pregnant and this woman realized she needed help and called Tree House.

One of our TNR program members went to trap Dulcinea who lumbered onto the porch for some attention when she was called.

Dulcinea was taken to our clinic and it was only a few short hours after arriving that one of our staff noticed that she was giving birth. She had been rescued just in time.

Fortunately, there was a foster home waiting and Dulcinea is now in her temporary home, taking care of her kittens.

Thousands of cats and kittens come to Tree House each year, and we continue to be in awe of the tremendous dedication these mother cats show toward their kittens’ health and safety.

This mother’s day, you can honor that special someone in your life in a way that also gives back by sponsoring Dulcinea. When you make a donation today, your gift will also help other mother cats like Dulcinea that we are dedicated to help.

And, you can directly help cats and kittens like Dulcinea. Consider becoming a foster parent and help us save even more animals’ lives.

To learn more about how rewarding it is to become a Tree House foster parent, contact

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