ON TOUR 2012/2013
2012 - July 9th to 15th - Festival d'Avignon OFF - Théâtre de la Parenthèse - Avignon - France
2012 - 29th nov to 1st dec. - Forum de Blanc Mesnil - France

In a garage in 2007 she and I have nothing but each other, our know-hows, our sensitivities and our sorrows...

What’s the outcome?

I wanted to confront the risk of simply dancing, incarnating her voice.
She simply wanted to take the risk of singing with just a guitar, being influenced by my presence.

There’s something visceral in this voice as if it was telling a story, her story. Our story.
There’s something scary about the display of my dancing body, as if that was all I had left to be present.

With our defending bodies, unpretentiously, we threw ourselves into the audience’s jaws.
Julie Nioche


Conception Julie Nioche & Alice Daquet aka « Sir Alice »
Choreography, interpretation Julie Nioche
Composition, interpretation Alice Daquet aka « Sir Alice »
Lighting design Laure Couturier
With the collaboration of Alexandre Meyer

Production A.I.M.E.
With support from la Ménagerie de Verre, Paris and Atheneum, centre culturel de l’Université de Bourgogne - Dijon.

More information : contact@individus-en-mouvements.com

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