TEASER for the 55 min documentary GOA IS NOT INDIA by filmmaker Rudolf Gottsberger.
There is more to come!

Directed by: Rudolf Gottsberger
Camera and editing: Rudolf Gottsberger
Additional camera: Pedro Araújo Pina

Music:Peru Quois "Awaken the Snake" from the Album
Awaken the Snake


"Goa is not India," says Leon about the quaint village Arambol Beach situated in North Goa - a place well known as meeting point for neo-hippies, where people are searching for health and new inspiration in live, and where dropouts spend their time relaxing and chilling at the beach.

With a cheerful touch of irony the Austrian film maker Rudolf Gottsberger paints the loving pictures of five dropouts, who are stranded in Arambol: a panorama of dreams, wishes and desires, sometimes even the search for spiritual enlightenment. But the documentary also sheds light on the smaller and larger challenges of everyday life, its protagonists have to deal with... but just to enjoy "shanti times" again, as Elena, the Russian owner of the Hempcafé in Arambol describes.

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