PRESENTED BY: Brendan Hart, SVP of Marketing & Business Intelligence at National Geographic Digital Media
RECORDED AT:'s Supergenius Conference in New York City on July 20, 2010
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Below is live coverage from the presentation:

-- Brendan starts his session on how to be awesome on Twitter and Facebook. Some key questions:

1. How do I grow my followers?

2. What kind of content should I post?

3. What's the point?

-- Conversation between National Geographic and a customer now moves from customer to customer. Here are some strategic foundations for National Geographic's approach:

1. Facebook and Twitter are 2 different platforms.

2. Build the core team around your authentic voice.

3. Define your unique consumer-proposition.

4. Have a fan-first contact strategy.

5. ROI is a critical focus

6. Paid vs. organic growth

-- Facebook tactics that work:

1. Know your audience -- what are Facebook insights telling you?

2. Test different types of content -- what drives the most likes or comments?

3. How does popular & conversational content align with your marketing priorities?

4. How is Facebook best used to amplify your multi-channel marketing mix?

--Twitter tactics that work:

1. Increase your frequency vs. other social outposts

2. Be provocative.

3. Engage your followers

1. Not every tweet is a good Facebook post.

2. Let the feedback from one channel optimize content on the other.

3. Give consumers a real benefit.

--Three key lessons:

1. Feedback is key to being awesome.

2. Tracking & testing should drive your content and promotions strategy.

3. Developing your voice is key to building loyal followers.

--In the end, you have to realize:

1. SM is not an advertising format

2. Gimmicks don't build loyalty

3. There's no transitive property -- if it works on one platform, it may not work on others.

Love this live coverage? It's all thanks to the fantastically fantastic blogging of David Polinchock.

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