With the arrival of spring we used the seasonal change to rearrange our wardrobe and give a new life to our garments, or to have a gesture of solidarity at the first event IED SWAP MARKET.

IED SWAP Market took place on April 13th 2012 and where the Open Space at IED Barcelona's 2nd floor was transformed into a place to exchange clothing and complements between IED students, teachers and staff.
If you wanted to give a supportive use to your old clothes, you could donate them to Ropa Amiga at their collection point, where they took the garments and explained their activity and its development.

To participate people brought at least three pieces of clothing or complements, which were classified as "GOLD-premium level" (fantastic garments), "RED-good level" (nice, but I don't wear it anymore) and "BLACK-low cost" (basics), and people received exchange tickets.

During the event, fashion experts were giving advices on how to combine garments found at the market and how we could transform styles and give a new shape to our clothing at the first IED SWAP MARKET.


Con la llegada de la primavera aprovechamos el cambio de estación para reorganizar el armario y dar nueva vida a nuestras prendas o ser solidarios en el primer evento IED SWAP MARKET.

IED SWAP Market se celebró el 13 de abril del 2012 y transformó el open space de la segunda planta en un espacio de intercambio de ropa y complementos entre estudiantes, docentes y staff del IED. Si lo que querías es darle un uso solidario a tu vieja ropa, se podía donar a Roba Amiga, que montó un punto de recogida de ropa e informó sobre la actividad que desarrollan.

Para participar se debían aportar por lo menos 3 artículos de ropa o complementos, que serían clasificados según sean "ORO--premium level" (prendas fantásticas), "ROJO-good level" (está muy bien pero ya no me lo pongo) y "NEGRO-low cost" (básicos de armario), y por las que recibías tus fichas de intercambio.

Durante el evento podías recibir consejos de expertos en moda para saber cómo combinar prendas encontradas en el mercado y cómo transformar estilos y dar nueva forma a nuestra ropa el primer IED SWAP Market.

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