Ring of Fire 3 is a bodyboard film which features footage from all over California, Mexico, New South Wales, Gold Coast, Tahiti, Hawaii and the South Pacific. There is lots of unseen footage of all the pros free surfing in maxing Puerto Escondito, Punta Colorada and the North Shore of Hawaii. In addition, there is a segment of some of the best helmet cam shots from around the world. Josh Garner gets California's Wedge all to himself and sets the bar for how to ride one of the world's most popular bodyboard waves. Extras include highlights from the Zicatella and Pipeline pro, two of the heaviest contests in recent memory. With just under an hour of top notch bodyboarding action from around the world, Ring of Fire 3 will captivate you from the moment you press play.

The film can be purchased from the following stores, or ordered from Ebodyboarding to your doorstep anywhere in the world:

- eBodyboarding
- Alternative Surf
- Atlantic Bodyboards

- The Foam Company
- Surge BodyBoarding
- 662 Ride Shop

- Bodyboard King
- Emerald Bodyboard Specialists
- Bodyboarders Surfco

- Enigma'inc Brand
- OGM Bodyboard Shop
- Bodyboardfrance.org
- Sponger City

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