This is the 5th Home Movie in the HM project. This one takes the title of the featured song "Scale it back" by Dj Shadow and Little Dragon. Once i heard the track for the first time I knew that I had my HM track. To me the song means bringing it back to simplicity. Whatever we go through in our day to day lives is usually a blur. It all happens so fast that sometimes we forget to look back on things and see how the moments that flew by earlier in the day, month, or year, really effected us.

This footage was taken with my iPhone4 and with my canon 60D during easter weekend. I scaled it back and concentrated on the finer things in life, family, friends, and the world we live in. Contrast and complexity are vital to keeping things fresh and exciting but we all need to scale it back once in a while. Have you done so lately?

Song by:Dj Shadow, Ft. Little Dragon - "Scale it back"

Thanks for watching!

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