Postscript to the 44s

Most news in the indicator are rubbish. Popular music on the radio is junk.
And the most popular people are committed to behave like idiots or innocent attention seekers.
while we drown the most popular comments in a kind of spiritual syphilis.

There are few but important exceptions..

There is a significant difference in having something to say and wanting to be listened to,

Anyone who wants nothing more than for themselves to be heard
is not focused on what he wants to say, but based on what is likely to cut through confusion in others.
it does not matter what the message is or the thought behind it is, its spoken only to capture, and in that game there are not exactly any rules.
All though the picture is clear, we know what we think is appropriate, and we know what we find enjoyable.
the safest way to the view´s of people, is to listen to what the crowd is thinking about, not repeating the same jokes in a new guise,
does that mean stepping into footsteps of known ways and the paths of known ideas?

Say something, say anything, so far as it seems catchy although without exactly being so..
it does not matter if you are pretending to write the news,poetry or standup comedy everything is subjective to the same law.

But one who simply has something to say is not as lucky, not as good from God made, so to speak.
because he serves another master, but nothing he needs induces panic or balance - he serves a thought, thinking of the world,
his conversation trough his time with the world - in a world that turns itself.
it does not necessarily under humor, targeting or simplicity cut through the confusion and he does not care what the roars, shouts or stamping feet´s of a aggressive crowd sounds like.

It's not necessarily that what he has to say is not funny, fun, sad, or even a traditional cliche , if luck is with him.
But he can not walk out from that level and that even if the message or the mind is less important
- if he wants to brighten his tone, though he is then as equally attention addicted as the next power of poverty.
Then let the mind not insult him, it is she who preaches.

My picture of the past - one that I keep in my head - is false: since newspapers are not written by people who wanted to post information,
rather people who just want their readers to read anything. (and thus the sum of the age).
This romantic nonsense has no basis in reality - I know.
My nostalgia for this world i never knew and never was, this is the wrong - but that's not to say that the feeling is not right, That this should not be.
There would not be a model if we could have a cloak of this conversation - me and you - that we understand each other, so we can say without embarrassment that we are trying to talk to each other and the conversation is honest.

In the Wilderness..
Jóel Sigurdsson...

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