Directed and written by: Garry Valentino

I'm always super excited in shooting a wedding in Bali. Not only because Bali has a great atmosphere, exotic beaches and amazing sunsets, but more importantly because Bali has a certain magical aura that makes the couple more intimate. This time I'm shooting Vincent and Sylvia who came from two different cities in Borneo (Kalimantan) island, Balikpapan and Samarinda.

The story begins when one day Vincent laid it all on the line and travelled all the way to the city where Sylvia lives just to meet her because he heard that Sylvia is the most beautiful girl in town. To cut the story short, the prince met the princess, they fell in love and got married in Borneo 2 months ago.

But the story didn't end there. Fortunately for us, they wanted their wedding ceremony re-affirmed in Bali, so they contacted us to shoot their wedding ceremony/honeymoon in Bali! Amazing! I can really feel their love for each other the whole time I was there. Everything was perfect on that day, beautiful weather, wonderful and relaxed couple who were there to enjoy themselves, kind and friendly family members, more than I could wished for.

Elly the make up artist did an excellent job on Sylvia and The Green Light Wedding Organizer (Sandy and team) did a flawless job in running the show. But out of all the wonderful highlights during the whole time I was there, the one thing that impressed me most was the way the couple loved each other. And it's expressed in every time they kissed each other, there is such tenderness and passion in every kiss.

Congrats guys, I hope you guys can continue to express your love to each other forever. And I hope other couples can express their love for each other the way you guys do!



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