Premiere Title Track Music Video for The Narcicyst's upcoming album out May 26th on Paranoid Arab Boy Music/Stereotypes Inc. 2009

Directed and Edited by Hala Alsalman

Shot by Donat Chabot

Animation by Waleed Zaiter

Song written and performed by the Narcicyst (Y.Alsalman)

Song Produced By SandhiLL Productions (N.Al-Rufaie)

Available on The Narcicyst "P.H.A.T.W.A." LP May 26th 2009

Yassin Alsalman/The Narcicyst
Yushua Scott/Yusho
Liam Turner/ Agent Sam White
Habib Siam/ Mohamed Toomas
Nantali Indongo/ Agent #1
The Bagheads/ The Bagheads

Paranoid Arab Boy Music 2009
Copyright Stereotypes Inc. 2009

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