Alice Waters asked her students to find art in a garden—a challenging question, but one they didn't shrink from. In fact, our Workshop was soon lined with their explosion of answers, which came in myriad colors and varieties. And, under the careful guidance of Pam DeLuco, their responses are now enshrined in small, remarkable editions made of denim-based paper.
Sub Rosa and Levi’s® have collaborated to conceive and create Levi’s® Workshops. Started on July 1st, 2010, the Workshops are a series of craft-based community spaces built to encourage creation, inspiration, and collaboration. The first expression of this is a print shop located in San Francisco’s Mission District. Each workshop will run for 60 days, working with collaborators, celebrities, and local organizations to create new and engaging design projects that help bring messages of their pioneering spirit to life.
The program has been touted in the press as a powerful new type of campaign that looks at digital and experiential work collectively and works to bridge the gap between consumers and corporations. Levi’s® Workshops is one of the most integrated programs in the brand’s history – taking into consideration the objectives of marketing, retail, design, digital, corporate social responsibility, and the brand at large.
This inaugural effort ultimately led to workshops in other cities around the globe and a substantial platform for creating new forms of engagement for the brand.

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