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Hey look another time lapse video. Turns out I really like making these things. This video was created to be a promotional video for my good friend and fellow photographer Steven Domjancic. He's an amazing portrait photographer, and has earned his place as top photographer here at Fanshawe College for two years in a row. As the year comes to an end we're all getting ready to venture out into the real world, and what better way to promote your business then this? This was Steve's idea, and he pitched it to me awhile back and I agreed, it seemed like another fun project to do before school is over.

Another interesting note for some people (for those of who didn't check out Steven's website that is) is the fact that Steven and I have started a partnership together in this business and we're running under his name, because I don't really care much for the business side and not to concerned about getting my name out there hahaha.

So for the past month or so Steve arranged several photo shoots, and I joined him for each one to assist and to get footage for this time lapse video. I primarily shot with the Nikon D700 for all the time lapse footage but I also got a number of footage with the Canon 5D MKII. Originally we intended to make this a 3min long video but turns out after adding in all the video and stills plus the credits that added another minute worth of footage and we didn't want to cut out much more of the time lapse so we were left with a 4min long video. I did actually shoot almost 10 000 shots for this video but only about 5000ish of it made the final cut.

Also wish we had a proper mic so we could have got some better audio for the intro. Also for those wondering about the first bit of footage just before the time lapse starts, its just video footage and not time lapse footage, just incase someone was fooled hahaha. Nor was there a slider involved at all but I still would really like one. I slowly just moved the tripod forward as Steve moved one of the studio lights around to mimic the sun moving across the sky and changing the shadows. All the time lapse footage was also just done on a tripod and any movement was added in post.

Equipment Used
Video assembled in Adobe After Effects CS5
Canon 5D MK II
Canon 17mm F4 TS-E
Canon 24mm F3.5 TS-E
Canon 45mm F2.8 TS-E
Canon 50mm F1.8
Canon 85mm F1.8
Canon 90mm F2.8 TS-E

Nikon D700
Nikon 14-24mm F2.8
Nikon 24mm F3.5 PC-E
Nikon 45mm F2.8 PC-E
Nikon 85mm F2.8 PC-E

iPhone with a Klipsch Image S4 earphones as a lav mic!

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