On November 12, 2011 the police were called to an incident at 1701 Marmont Avenue. This short film is the story of what happened that night.

William Mapother imdb.com/name/nm0544611/
Jude Ciccolella imdb.com/name/nm0161980/
Sonal Shah imdb.com/name/nm1703500/
Adria Tennor imdb.com/name/nm0855133/
Greg Hain imdb.com/name/nm1411271/
Michael Patrick McCaffrey imdb.com/name/nm1676620/
Hayden Croteau

Director: Barry Andersson
Writer: Janie L Geyen
Producers: Mitch Aunger, Janie L Geyen and Barry Andersson
Director of Photography: Julien Lasseur

This project is one of the first narrative films to showcase the Canon 5D Mark III. We are excited to present a project that shows what DSLR technology can do for independent filmmakers at any budget. The entire film was shot on Zeiss CP.2 lenses courtesy of Carl Zeiss (zeiss.com/cine/cp2). The opening title sequence was shot entirely on the new Lensbaby 80mm Tilt Shift Lens (lensbaby.com).

Please take a minute and leave a comment or your thoughts on the film. We appreciate your time and hope you enjoy the movie.

Contact Barry Andersson: barry@deodand.com
Contact Janie L Geyen: janie@deodand.com

For optimized viewing please consider the following:
- We have done an audio mix to split the difference for those listing on a laptop and those listening with headphones and/or good speakers. You may have a hard time hearing some of the subtle sound design just listening through your laptop speakers. We recommend listening with headphones or a good audio system.


The film was co-sponsored by Singular Software, Canonrumors.com and Kessler Cranes.

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