they surround everyone of us everyday yet still we are rarely perceptive. visual jewels, usually devoid of humans, a mixture of pattern, colour and material. fluke acts a certain part, things appear or are swallowed by light, a different angle brings to light surprises. harmony as well as dysphoria exist utterly equitable, and every so often details are the spice.
sending out visual stimuli with the aid of »vivid« colours and -- free of doubt -- occasionally almost painful contrasts they defend against categorization. neither they want to please nor make a point. they're just there: findings »en passant« collected passing by.
altough usually unpopulated they bear witness to human creative urge. an individual has operated here, an architect, a more or less talented designer, a street art or graffiti artist? maybe someone simply disposed a plastic cup on the windowsill or the magic of a shadowy moment enchanted despicable reality just this minute.
i've been asked by fans which equipment i use. no professional gear in the traditional sense in any case but my iphone. that's why i call it »lo-fi photography«. professional photo equipment plays a secondary role in the world of »urban patterns«.
if at all they pursue a goal it is: to be great fun, to cause curiosity and amuse. at a first glance or on closer consideration. anyway: head out and explore our urban worlds anew. right now!
andreas kuhn, april, 2012

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