In a little under 3 weeks, I and about 20 other people put together this short stop motion and animation. Our work paid off because it was accepted into multiple film festivals.

- Platinum Pixie Award
- 3rd Place - Floyd Film Festival

Official Selection:
- Sarasota Film Festival youthFEST
- Martha's Vineyard Film Festival Cinema Circus
- Highbridge Film Festival

Directed & Produced by Christopher Birnbaum & Nate Winckler
Written by Nate Winckler
Music by Andrew J. S. Miller
Foley: Phillip Jackson
Animation Director: Christopher Birnbaum
Narrator: Josh Friedeman

Lead Key Animators:
Christopher Birnbaum
Rebecca Wallace
Spencer Watson
Daniel Weinert
Christina Williams

Christopher Birnbaum
Ron Cole
Kelli Dierdorf
Abby LeCompte
Ben Marchal
Daniel Royster
Chris Saunders
Lizzi Smith
Aaron Sweigard
Bryce Ury
Rebecca Wallace
Spencer Watson
Daniel Weinert
Christina Williams

Character Design:
Christopher Birnbaum
Ron Cole
Katie Lee
Christina Williams

Christopher Birnbaum
Lindsay Kelley
Anna Milograno
Becky Winckler
Nate Winckler

Lighting: Stephen Shunk & Nate Winckler
Camera: Nate Winckler
Set Design & Animation: Nate Kuhl, David Kuo, Brownrygg Woolls
Title Design: Lizzi Smith

Compositing, Rendering, Editing: Nate Winckler

Special Thanks:
Quba Michalski for the Stop Motion Kit
Hannah Schell
Stephen Shunk
Christina Sutherland
Mary Sutherland
Becky Winckler

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