UPDATE: I have uploaded a ProRes file for your viewing pleasure. Please be conservative of the limited bandwidth, but please download and scrutinize the file if it is of interest to you: bit.ly/Ninja-ProRes

SEE THE FULL UNCOMPRESSED SCREENSHOTS FOR A TRUER COMPARISON — 1920x1080 Screenshots here (remember to click through to originals): bit.ly/IeLNan ( download ZIPPED package of PNG files instead? bit.ly/Ninja-plus-D800 )

Shot using the TassinFlat picture style. You can learn more here: vimeo.com/24173440
(You might also look up the flaat picture profile for up to 13 stops of Dynamic Range (10 & 11 stop profiles are most usable))
Details on the Atomos Ninja + Nikon D800 settings here: vimeo.com/40663653

I am working on optimizing this file further so the compression is less intrusive to the Ninja footage.

I also have an uncompressed ProRes 1080p file that I am working on getting online for more detailed analysis. If you are interested in hosting it (~1.3gb), I'm all ears. ;)

The original file available for download (above) looks good, but the gap isn't quite as wide as with the uncompressed file. Still, the differences are enough that one should be able to see the benefits of shooting straight to the Ninja. Not only are the workflow savings significant, but the quality difference when putting footage through a grade is pronounced.

More info coming soon!

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