A music video for Cure for the Common depicting the nightlife of Bozeman Montana. Directed by Joel Martin and Benjamin McManus and edited by myself and Gretta Mosser.

Official music video for Cure for the Common's latest single: Let's Ride
Available now on iTunes ( tinyurl.com/7vb72n9 )

Filmed by Joel Martin & Benjamin McManus
Edited by Kirk McLaughlin and Gretta Mosser

Starring Garrett Rhinard, Weston Lewis, Joe Sheehan, Logan Stahley,
Jordan Rodenbiker, Joshua Lampkins and Matt Rogers as Cure for the
Production Assistants - Ben Scott, Ben Trotter, Jeff Hansen (Lights),
Adam Schwankl, Ethan Greaves
Costume Design: Lauren Sheehan
Extras: Including but not limited to: Don Frye, Adam Schwankl, Nakai
Roy, Joe Sweeney, The beautiful ladies on stage during our set at the
Zebra, David Dalla G, Brad Mundt, Alanna Brown, Jordan Thornton,
Mickey Guida, Jerrad Highman, Henri Pellerin, Kristen Oaks, James
Freeborn, Lauren Semanko, Scott Merenz,

Special Thanks to:
Peach Street Studios, Jesse Barney, Dodge Kramer, Chris &
Kyle the interns,
Chalet Sports for Bike Rentals
Zebra Cocktail Lounge and Brett Kline
The Moustache Bandits
The Haufbrau and Don Frye
Ben Scott & Matt Dietrich for GoPro Rentals
Montana State University
Pendleton Canadian Whiskey
Bozone Brewing, Kettle House Brewing, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Kokanee, and
Rainer Beer
The Beautiful City of Bozeman
Jazzy J the die-hard Subaru
U-Haul of Bozeman
Special thanks to YOU for watching!!!!

Check out Cure for the Common at curetheband.com

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