“Once in while a job comes along that is great fun. I felt like the Mayor of Jakarta! Designing and determining where to put monumental sculptures and radical public buildings!” said freelance director Juan Jaramillo about his latest project.
Dentsu Spark chose the Aussie director for the South East Asian regional launch of the highly anticipated Suzuki Ertiga model after being impressed with his skill and understanding of visual effects. They were looking for someone who could shoot locally but could make the whole commercial look as if was set in some (not futuristic but) very developed, innovative green city.
Juan’s pitch was that he would ensure the post was handled in such a way the spot would retain a totally realistic feel as if this city created almost entirely with computer graphics had really existed in front of the lens. The key was to use the streets and the ambient light of the city as a giant studio for some elegant and enticing running footage and then replace and enhance all the backgrounds in post-production.
A leap of faith as far as the agency and client were concerned but one Juan’s reel and treatment sufficiently justified, so together they all embraced the radical scheme and embarked in an exciting and sometimes daunting venture.
As he’s done many times before Juan’s camera moved fluently around the car, romancing it and making the light embrace and fall in love with its features. “The biggest challenge was to make sure the reflections on the car and the road surface were always appropriate to what was intended later as backgrounds, ensuring we wouldn’t have to alter the way the car or the asphalt were photographed as the interlock of these two elements is what ensured a realistic finish.” concluded the director.

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