eMeet.me is a free, web based, online meeting and webinar service that lets you interact with other people virtually. Whether they are in the same building as you, or across the world. Its so easy and fun, that even grandma could use it.
With eMeet.Me and just your browser, you can video conference, screen share, and chat. People can dial in by phone, or use their computer camera and microphone. You can also call people into the room at any time.
Instead of those boring gray backgrounds abundant in other meeting services, eMeet.Me lets you take your virtual meeting to beautiful places around the world. So go ahead, and meet in Paris, New york, Vegas, Tuscany, or wherever your are in the mood. the trip is on us ;)
If you are like most people, 10 seconds after the meeting is over, you'll forget whats what said! Don't panic... with eMeet.Me, all your meetings are recorded. We even provide the chat log of what was typed, and a dashboard with meeting statistics, such as where people logged in from, when they came in, how long they stayed, and what the weather was like. Priceless!
So go ahead, and give eMeet.Me a try. And tell your friends too, they'll thank you!

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