Over the past 18 months or so I've been filming a fair few things, which I had initially hoped to use in some sort of project of my own. But after donating a few to various people to use online, and losing around 40% of what I had when my hard drive blew up, I decided it was probably time to make a little something before the footage was too dated.

Thanks to Reto Bürgin and Claudio Antonnelli for the additional Nico clips.

Starring: Nicolas Schopfer, Nick Lomax, JC Rowe, Leon Humphries, Zach Gutweiler, BJ Bernhardt, Dom West, Matt Smith, Remy Meister, Mike Welland, Joe Atkinson, Jake Eley, Keith Wisdom, Chris Tuson, Philipp Preuss, Steve Collis, Sam Walker, Grif Kerry, Ryan Gillett, Ash Attwood, Dan Stirling, Matt Binny, Andrew Halls, Billy Doyle, Danny Ives, Haydn Ball, Stephan DeFreitas, Liam Ormiston and Sim Warren.

- James Sharp




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