DOWNLOAD FIRST GENERATION CINEFORM files on my blog.............

This is a tutorial for those people who want to capture the highest quality available to them through an HD-SDI,HDMI or Composite HD port.

I have updated this tutorial with industry advancements since putting it up.
Especially note that I have found that option two does get warm/hot and as a result I made a DIY fan placed on top to provide cooling and now it is rock solid.

I try to cover most things in a relaxed manner so it is over 17 minutes in length.Pour a cup of coffee,relax and watch when you have time.

Most cameras do not have the highest quality maintained in the built in camera codec.By bypassing the compression one can achieve imaging quality superior to the built in codec and also upgrade the quality of the camera to more than many times it's original value.So one can use consumer cameras that can easily outperform more expensive models at an acquisition level.
Another benefit is 4:2:2 colour space.Why the extra colour anyway - one phrase - CINEFORM FIRST LIGHT.It allows you to grade like the pros with Iridas speedgrade looks.I will be making some available in the future and also a tutorial.

NB........THe MAGMA CHASSIS can capture UP to 250 MB/s which means it will handle 1920 X 1080 10 bit 4:4:4 in all formats so it is a worthwhile investment for top quality into the near future apart from 2 K and above.

It is the indie way so my insights and experience are biased towards people who are keen on diy methods of achieving high quality.Prepare to cut prices not corners though ............

By the way you need Prospect/Neo HD and above to record to Cineform.Ignore Neoscene.

But here are a few savings - you do not need to use Cineform,or two battery packs on option 2.This can bring the price down to less than £1400 perhaps.There are new products on the market since I did this tutorial so options have indeed improved - check these out ... - expensive but class leading, endorsed by Cineform and records to the same $ 199 - this is a steal - USB3 so no need for external power!!!!!!!

Not sure of cineform support but there you go.Save another £300 perhaps.
Hope it helps and let me know if you is worth it... Nanoflash - Fantastic product but not cheap

Additional resources PE-FLEX1

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