Record of a metaperformative action inside a building under construction where the point of view corresponds to that of an external metaespectator, in which the support and referential system is architecture itself.

The metaperformance arises as the consequence of the place itself and its joints, creating a series a metamovements in relation to these spaces, which involves the patron as the structure of the metacoreographical secuence.

The dancers, through their metamovements, narrate the processes of spatial transformation, as do the scenarios condition the metamovements. A generating division of architecture is revealed as the antecedent and documentation of occasioned metatransformations which converge with metadance.

Architecture: Nieto Sobejano
Direction: Taller de Casquería
Co-Production: Junta de cultura de Andalucía
Music: Desiderio Sánchez
Dance and Coreography: Alan Fallieri and Inés Pereira
Metadance and Metacoreography: Taller de Casquería
Special Thanks: FCC

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