Due to the reinforcement of the European border controls, the migration flow has moved to the Greco-Turkish border which has become the main point of entry for migrants to the European Union. Greece is, for most migrants, just a place of transit that they must leave as quickly as possible hoping to find better living conditions. They are forced to live in hiding, often suffer violence or are detained arbitrarily.
Over the last few years, the maritime border between Italy and Greece constitute the only route to reach the Europe they expected and to avoid their particular 'Hell' in Greece. Thousands of people try to leave from the Adriatic Greek port cities by hiding beneath or inside articulated lorries without the driver knowing it. They run great risks, and are most often discovered, arrested and returned. The readmission procedures lay under a bilateral agreement between Italy and Greece and the practices that have resulted from it contravene a number of fundamental rights that are guaranteed at a national, community and international level. In adittion the people arriving at the Adriatic borders are mostly potential asylum seekers, or people recognized as such on the basis of documents published by humanitarian organizations: Afghans, Iraqis, Kurds, Somalis, Sudanese or Eritreans.
The situation has become even worst due to the global financial crisis.

+info: hellas-hell.eu

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