Some of M.C. Escher’s best-known works are spatially impossible, but Relativity depicts a scene that is fully navigable--so long as the explorer can change the direction of gravity.

In my recreation of this space, running against any vertical surface turns that surface into the floor, making it possible to explore every nook and cranny of the scene. Multiple cameras provide different views simultaneously, which combined with controls that never align to any particular view avoids any one perspective becoming correct or primary.

Also raised, almost inadvertently, is the question of what the characters from the original scene might see when they look at areas not depicted by the image - is there a sky over their heads, more floors and stairs, or something else altogether? The world here, like the one in the image, is left unfilled in.

Relativity Runner is a solo project that I originally created for one of Dr. Michael Nitsche's courses at Georgia Tech.

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