The Making of 'Behind Closed Doors'

A peek behind the scenes of a short film production.

Here I talk about the short film, the tools that I used (HFBrevis Rig) and the production of the short.

Some things I forgot to mention in the video:

For sound I used a Zoom H4 and Sennheiser MK416 mic.

The Zoom H4 was not used to record the sound but merely as a patch to go to the camera mic input - I used it more like a BeachTek than a portable HD recorder. This was done so that there would be no need to sync the sound in post and because pre-production tests proved the quality difference between camera recorded and ZoomH4 recorded sound to be minimal.

However, the Zoom H4 was used to record foley and 'pickup' sounds after the shoot.

The transparent square thing on the end of the HF is a 2D Level - it comes in handy to more accurately level hand-held shots.

The ikan monitor did not have a battery indicator - so sometimes it would just shut off in mid shot - this was not such a big deal since the monitor on the HF10 was sufficient for framing. Just make sure to have an extra batt ready at all times.

Check out the 'film grabs' at the photos section of this page.

Enjoy the video.

Winner 'Best Short Screenplay' in the Cinemalaya Film Festival 2009

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