"The Wilderness"
It lies at the beginning of all things. The Wilderness.
Are we, the people, really civilized? How can we be sure? No, we are still wild, even if packed in a nice cover called 'Civilization'.
Do we choose to be catholic, jewish, or muslim? Or are we just born and conditioned to follow certain religion? What if we were born in the jungle, believing in a strange god, evidenced by a nuclear bomb explosion that our ancestors saw behind the horizon.
Does it make any difference? Do we need to know the 'what if'? What, why and where we are?
At the end of the day, all we need is shelter, food and warmth. What we believe is what we can explain to ourselves about this world.
Let's try to figure out what it actually is that can we explain. Welcome to The Wilderness.

A.F. Gallery
Maastrichter Str.49

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