REASON FOR LIVING is the 11th track on the 1992 album FLAME by Australian musician MARK GILLESPIE.
The video for this song features photos by MARK GILLESPIE of flowers and fruit, birds and bugs, moths and tortoises, all inside his garden, and a vigilant blue kingfisher and a looping mongoose just outside it.
These all combine to help radiate a happiness and love for living things, no matter how small or weird-looking.
The 'reason for living' is something all seek, and the lyrics speak of needing ".....a little perfection", and not soppy at all, it expresses resoluteness in "....not giving up!"
To add to the child-like wonder expressed in the photos, the subtitles in this case are of many colours.
The video was made in Dhaka in April 2012 by YUNOHU.

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