The Miami-based street art collective Primary Flight will visit North Carolina from April 18th to May 8th to create a mural for the Spring Garden underpass section of downtown Greensboro’s Greenway–a 4 mile bike trail that circles the city being developed with a strong public art emphasis. Commissioned by the NC Arts Council, the mural will add a significant contemporary work to Greensboro’s public art landscape and beautify the underpass for trailgoers and drivers alike. A series of events–movies, lectures, and a public opening–will provide opportunities to meet the artists and learn more about street art as a medium and movement.

The Primary Flight project is co-produced by The Downtown Greenway and Elsewhere–a living museum and international artist project set in a former thrift store on South Elm Street–who will provide a base of operations for these artists during their time in Greensboro. The new mural will cover the seven currently gray Spring Garden Underpass platforms that support the highway above with bright lines and colors inspired by a Bauhaus building in Greensboro and the “movement” theme for this section of the trail. Events (listed below) will share the depth and breadth of street art practices with Greensboro audiences and participants, broadening exposure and understanding of their collaborative public practice while bringing together four exceptional Greensboro non-profit creative initiatives.

Featured artists: Chris Oh , Typoe, and Raquel Raney
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Shot and edited by Peter Vahan

Fondle 'Em Fossils (DJ Eli Instrumental)

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