Samples of some of my broadcast work. Reel runs as follows:

RUNS: 0:06

CLIP 1 - "Free Syria" TV pack
IN: "Montreal's Syrian community came out in full force..."
RUNS: 0:32
OUT: "... Bashar al-Assad to step down."

CLIP 2 - "From 1 to 99" TV pack
IN: "We in the media like our shorthands..."
RUNS: 0:19
OUT: "... despite being part of the establishment."

CLIP 3 - "Mickey the Boxer" photoessay
IN: "The sport itself is pretty cool..."
RUNS: 0:14
OUT: "... getting hit takes up a lot of energy, too."

CLIP 4 - "Le choix" minidoc
IN: "People say they don't understand..."
RUNS: 0:40
OUT: "... puis ils trouvent ça cool chanter en anglais."

CLIP 5 - "Currently Concordia" - college public affairs show
IN: "Things have progressed I would say..."
RUNS: 0:33
OUT: "... yeah, exactly."

CLIP 6 - Friday/Weekend news break for CJLO 1690 AM
IN: "Québec justice minister Jean-Marc..."
RUNS: 0:21
OUT: "... while restricting parole conditions if passed."

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