LOOK OUT! When 4 nuclear scientists create a nuclear laser in the remote nuclear testing facility of Catalina, their nuclear experiment TEARS a HOLE in the VERY FABRIC OF TIME ITSELF!

Out from the unstable portal step MEN FROM ANOTHER TIME! No one knows who could emerge -- only that they will be INSANE.

Can the scientists STOP the INSANITY by MENDING the TIMEHOLE, or will they OBLITERATE the PRESENT by DERANGING the PAST?!

You're just in time for... THE CATASTROPHE AT CATALINA!


"The Catastrophe At Catalina" is a trailer for a non-existant Sci-Fi film, featured at the 6th annual Sci-Fi Spectacular at the Portage Theater in Chicago.

Participants were asked to submit an homage to Roger Corman by creating a trailer for a film using only an assigned title.


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