As a group of 3 motion graphic design students, we set out to show what intel means to us through what we know best, motion graphics. Our concept began with a simple character. This character represents your average motion graphic designer, who like many creatives, have to develop ideas on a regular basis. Thanks to intel he is now able to show his ideas and express them in more ways than ever before and on more platforms then previously obtainable.
The story of the piece starts with a simple motion designer who is working on a project, but it's tough making one idea without your mind spitting out dozens. Thanks to Intel he is now able to show his ideas in new and unimaginable ways. That's when the light bulbs plant into the ground and shoot out circuits that grow all the elements of his imagination. He continues to rant on blurting out all the ideas he has floating in his imagination and thanks through intel they form this world. At the end of his rant all the elements of the world get vacuumed up into an intel processor, which lands on his hand. The camera dollys out to reveal the logo and..
Thanks to intel his imagination is possible.

Animation by: Zack Patterson, Kevin Brown, Brittnie Diamant
Sound by: Kyle Higgins, Woods Klann

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