alien insects take over the world with a meme-virus-weapon, transmitted through media communication channels which turns human to insect DNA in an instant. an intense and painfull episode of interstellar information warfare, captured by security cameras inside and outside a victims head.

musicvideo for deathstorm (hirntrust)
DEATHSTORM_Bringers of the Apocalypse[Hirntrust16]

in the palace bulgaria, 20. - 28. June 2009, Balchik Bulgaria
music video art, heure exquise, 18th of June 2009 Mons-en-Baroeul
shoot me festival, 2009, NL
2011, clipaward, Mannheim, D
2011, international short film festival, Detmold, D
AFX: Vagabond 2012 (Amsterdam Film Experience)

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