With For Rent (A Louer), Peeping Tom takes you on a journey through thought. Generated by that moment of boredom when our thoughts suddenly escape and flee to a parallel world. It is this thread that runs throughout reality. This universe of memories, of future intentions, of fears, dreams or nightmares, constantly spoilt by reality. It is also a walk on the edge of a cliff, the dance of a tightrope walker on this red thread between the feeling of possessing something and immediately losing it, the feeling of balance before falling into the void. Everything is ephemeral because everything can be taken away again from one day to the next: a flat, our personal objects, a job, a person or even a life.

Everything is For Rent.

For Rent (A Louer) was nominated for the Ubu Awards 2013 in the category “Best Foreign Language Performance” staged in Italy in the 2012-2013 theatrical season. The Ubu Awards are the most illustrious and coveted recognition of Italian theatre.

More info : peepingtom.be

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