StylizedProductions presents once again...
Catherine May!
This time around we've gone for a more elegant approach at showcasing this talented young lady.
The tune is a little more relaxed and its just about Cat and her dedicated track car :)

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) has been Cats favourite toy since she was 21 which she has turned into a dedicated track car that many love and wish they had, also the face face of the RB25 conversion was done in her own garage 18 months ago and her awesome driving style has improved ten-fold since then...

Car Specs:
- 1990 Nissan 180SX
- Garrett GT3071R
- 250rwkws
- Apexi Power FC tuned by Chasers Motorworks
- NPC Cushioned button clutch
- Kaaz 2-way diff
- BC Racing Type RM coilovers
- NP Wonder Knuckles
- Just Jap castor rod, rear camber arms, rear toe arms
- Whiteline Swaybars
- Lenso D1R, 17 x 9 ET-4, 17 x 10 ET+15
- Federal 595-Evo 215/45/17, Zeta 235/45/17
- Nismo 555cc injectors
- Z32 afm
- Stripped interior, half cage, Bride seat
- S15 5 stud conversion
- Ford Phantom Purple with purple pearl
- Uras style bodykit
- Graffiti bonnet

Real Life - Send Me An Angel

10.5 Fisheye

FinalCutPro X

Enjoy :)

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