Marina Skiles is an architect and mother of two living in Colorado. Her husband, Oscar Camara, is a carpenter and undocumented immigrant from Mexico. After they married in 2009, they began the difficult process of gaining Oscar's citizenship.

On February 10, 2012, at Oscar's routine first interview at the US Consulate in Juarez, Mexico, the consular agent denied Oscar his visa and any chance of ever reentering this country. The agent falsely charged that Oscar had "aided and abetted" others entering the US, deeming him permanently ineligible for citizenship.

Now Marina is a single mom with a mortgage, two very active girls, and a full-time job. There is no reason for this painful separation. Please sign the petition and help us bring Oscar home.

UPDATE - Oscar is home. Thank you for your support!

Original score by MATT VELIGDAN

Dusty Brown - Guitar
Alexandra Jones - Cello

"Uncle John's Band" by The Grateful Dead

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