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Life is Biutiful!

Here is our review in a promotional short for the 2010, movie masterpiece, ‘Biutiful’ by the brilliant Mexican director, Alejandro González Iñárritu.

The second chapter of this video is intended as an uplifting abstract of the reality of life as meditatively explored in ‘Biutiful‘. In addition to excerpts from Gustavo Santaolalla’s masterly score to the film, we have mixed in an outstanding and cosmopolitan composition by Stoyan Ganev, ’The Meaning of Life’, to give our précis further resonance:

To read more about the film and to rent or purchase the DVD, please go here:


Video & Audio Excerpts:
‘Biutiful’ | © Menageatroz & Mod Producciones | 2010

Additional Audio:
‘The Meaning of Life’
Composed & Orchestrated by: Stoyan Ganev
From the Album: ‘Film Music by Stoyan Ganev’
© Stoyan Ganev | 2012

For IsuruFoundation®
‘love is the cure’™

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